City Cookie (1999-2003) is an ongoing collaboration with Hong Kong artist Sara Chi Hang Wong. Based on a simple idea of making biscuits in the shape of urban skylines, the development of the project is more often responses to different audiences and cultures. This project has been widely exhibited in different cities including New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Shanghai, Oslo, Venice and Hong Kong.

Package design of City Cookie (HK-Venice Version) for the Venice Biennale in 2001.

Making City Cookie is eight aluminium cutters for the first project City Cookie I in 1999.

hong kong performance
City Cookie is served as performance with greetings "Would you like a piece of sky?". Left: Hong Kong, 2000; right: Venice, 2001.

Exhibition viewers could trade anything for City Cookie (HK-Venice Version) in the vending machine or different coffeeshops in Venice.

City Cookie available in Venetian coffeeshops.

Objects given by visitors for City Cookies.

Objects collected from Venice constitutes again the Hong Kong-Venetian skyline. (Hong Kong, 2001)

City Cookie of Shanghai (2000), composite video stills. Audience sees the transformation of the urban skyline into the cookie, munched by the artist in a diverse music background.

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