Cookies at Clocktower

City Cookie II, video projection on aluminum tray, 2000

City Cookie II was exhibited at the Clocktower as a new version in form of a moving sculpture. The original panrack carried trays of bigger sky cookies o top of the sky images of Mott Street that were directly printed on the trays. A video of hands taking away cookies was projected in life size from the top of the panrack onto the first tray/ The text "Would you like a piece of sky?" was posted on the wall next to the panrack.


Cookies were made into small pieces to compose a sky image that each time audience could only take a small part of the sky. When the cookies were gone, the sky image underneath was revealed.

Would you like a piece of sky?

In two deliveries, each last 10 to 15 minutes, about 140 pieces were given to the guests during the opening of the exhibition "Clockwork 2000". Again, would you like a piece of sky? Guests were invited to take cookies from the moving panrack.

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