City Cookie (Banff Version)

Taking part in the Big City residency at the Banff Center for the Arts in Canada, a new version of City Cookie was produced. As a concept to consume this famous but small touristic town where tourists are more than local folks, cookies in the shape of country houses were made.




On the stainless steel cover of the cookie cutter box was a map of the Banff town. It showed the locations of the houses that cookie cutters referred.

Gifts from Banff, wood, stainless steel, 25 x 25 x 5.5 cm

As dessert...

In collaboration with the kitchen staff of the Dining Room at the Banff Center, some 150 pieces of Banff cookies were made for similar number of residents in the Banff Center as dessert for the dinner.



Have a bite on Banff!

The City Cookie as a special dessert for the buffet dinner at the Banff Center was delivered on May 2, 2000. A video of diners taking cookies from the dessert table was made.

City Cookie (Banff Version), Biscuits and photo/ video documentation of happening, 2000


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A photo series of eating the cookies was made in front of the houses from which the shape of the cookies derived. A short video was also produced.

Have a bite on Banff!, c-print, dimension variable


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