Cookies at Queens Museum (2000)

The Sky photos were mounted on eight tables at the Unisphere Cafe. Small photographs of the cookies and the artist eating them were also displayed on the table

City Cookie I, Photographs and coffee shop installation (set of 8), 2000


Pieces of Sky, c-print, dimension variable


Would you like a piece of sky?

On Februray 22nd, 2000, during the opening reception of the exhibtion "Something about City Sky" at the Queens Museum, the cookies were delivered to the guests from a moving panrack, on which a video camera was installed to document the whole process automatically. Photographs fo the guests tasting the cooke were also taken.



Bring it home!

During the exhibition period, visitors to the museum could also buy the cookie in individual package from the vending machine.


City Cookie for Sale, color print, 150 x 90cm, 2001


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