International Folk Dance Festival Opens in Hyde Park, Keystone Press Agency, gelatin silver print, July 15, 1935, 15.2 x 20.3 cm.

International Folk Dance Festival in London in 1935 gathered 500 dancers from various European countries. In the photo the Dutch team is performing their dance. Perhaps a true peasant, the thin man in the middle, with both feet off the ground and clapping for his teammates, learnt to dance from his parents and villagers. Life is not easy, amidst the peak of economic depression in his home country. Now in his forties and being abroad for the first time, he does not want to think too much. It might be his last visit to London.


《國際土風舞蹈節在海德公園開幕》,Keystone 新聞社,銀鹽照片,19357 15 日,15.2 x 20.3 厘米。

1935 年倫敦舉行的國際土風舞蹈節匯聚五百位來自歐洲各國的舞者。圖中可見荷蘭隊正在表演,站在中央跳起為隊友拍掌的男人,身材瘦削,本身可能是 一位真正的農夫,民俗舞都是由村民和家族相傳的。國家經濟低迷,他的生活也不好過 ;四十之年首次出國,他都不可想得太多了,也許此行亦是最後一 次到訪倫敦。
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