War and People, 1940-49, volume 2, published by Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, 1995, 27.5 x 21 cm.

In pages 50-51 is the scene when the British diplomats and nationals alight from the train and are waiting to board IJN Tatsuta Maru on July 30, 1942 at Yokohama Port for repatriation as the beginning of exchange for Japanese nationals living in the enemy states. Here most are plainly dressed except the lady on the right. Matched with handbag, hat and gloves especially for this departure, she wears a dress with Japanese floral pattern. Young in her twenties and fashionable, she could be from a well- off family, perhaps of a senior consul or wealthy businessman.


《戦争と庶民 :1940-49 年》,卷 2,東京 : 朝日新聞社出版,1995 年,27.5 x 21 厘米。

5152 頁可見 1942730 日於橫濱港, 一團英國外交人員和公民剛下火車並等候登上 「龍田丸」回國,作為日本與敵國交換國民計劃 的開始。在此大部分人都衣著樸素,只是右面的 女士與別不同 ;她為此行特別頭戴禮帽,配襯手 套、手袋,穿上一條東洋花紋的連身裙,也許布 料都是在日本買來的。她衣著時尚,二十來歲可 會是千金小姐,也許是高級使節或商賈的家人。
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