Pawprint, volume 94, published by SPCA Hong Kong, May 2014, 28.5 x 20.9 cm.

It is an article about training animals for entertainment on page 16. At the lower left of the page, we see this tamer leading an elephant ridden by two western tourists, perhaps photographed in Thailand. He, the mahout or elephant keeper, a profession that he probably inherited from his father, started early in his teenage as apprentice. Now in his early thirties, perhaps around the same age as his elephant, he might have been together with the elephant for many years. Unlike his father who might have made elephant taming a lucrative self-employed business in which the elephants were family properties, he could only work for a large tourist company today.


《足印》,第 94 期,香港愛護動物協會出版, 20145 月,28.5 x 20.9 厘米。

這是一篇有關訓練動物作娛樂用途的文章,刊於 第 16 頁,左下圖可見一個馴象者引領一頭載著 兩名西方遊客的大象,可能攝於泰國。他作為馴 象者,自小已是學徒,該是繼承父業。如今三十 出頭,與其大象之年紀也差不多,或許已一起相 處多年。當年其父的馴象事業可以是利潤豐厚的 生意,大象都是家產,但他今天只能為大旅遊公 司打工。
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