EAGLE, inflight magazine of Southwestern, Chongqing, Guizhou & Tibet Branches of Air China, no.3, volume 157, 2011, 28.5 x 21 cm.

In page 40 is the photo of a cable boat in Chadong. It is a travel story about this small riverside town in Southwestern China, which inspired the famous novel Border Town by Shen Congwen in 1934. The boatman is described as 50 something in the article, much younger than the character in the novel who is in his seventies. He might be younger than 50 as hardship has aged his appearance. The popularity of the novel has brought tons of tourists to this little town. His feeling is far more complicated than the fictional character and he has been frustrated with the loss of his quiet life. The town was even officially renamed as The Border Town and attracted lots of tourists. At this moment, the boatman might be staring at the tourists who are perhaps requested by the photographer to stay away from the camera.


《西南航空》,中國國際航空西南、重慶、 貴州、西藏分公司航空雜誌,第期 3 ,卷 157,2011 年,28.5 x 21 厘米。

40 頁可見一幅橫水渡的照片,攝於中國西南 的茶峒—沈從文寫於 1934 年的中篇小説《邊城》 之所在。雜誌文章漫話茶峒中的「邊城」,圖中 的船夫被形容為五十來歲,較小說中角色七 十 多 的 年輕 ;但歲月磨人,也許他的真實年齡五十不及。 小說的流行帶來很多遊客,他的心情一定比小 說 人 物複雜,會為寧靜生活的消逝而懊惱。茶峒已被 正式改名為邊城,平日遊客眾多。此刻,船 夫 可 能 呆望著那些被攝影師要求站於鏡頭外的遊客。
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