My Dream Park, MING+ Supplement, no. 7, 2010, 23.7 x 18.5 cm

Hampstead Heath is a large and popular park in the London Borough of Camden. The photograph in the first page was taken on a fine day back on May 1, 1949. A young girl comes to the Sunday Fun Fair with the company of her two elder brothers or male friends. People have already filled the park. After a long chill and wet spring, they are happy to go out and enjoy a warm sunny day in the park. She put on her best light blue dress and walks in a cheerful mood. She cannot wait to try out the carousel or watch a puppet show. She knows that it will be a joyful day.


《明日風尚附刊:樂游園》,第 7 期,2010 年, 23.7 x 18.5 厘米。

漢普斯特德荒野是倫敦一個人氣很高的大型公 園。此照片在附刊的第 1 頁,攝於 1949 年晴朗 的 5 月 1 日,一個少女與她的兩個哥哥或男性 友人結伴前來參加星期天的遊樂會。公園內已擠 滿了遊人,大家都樂於在漫長而冷濕的春季後, 在公園享受晴朗而溫暖的一天。她穿上了最鍾愛 的粉藍色裙子,踏著愉快的碎步,急不及待要試 試那座迴旋木馬或去看一場木偶戲。她知道今天 會是愉快的一天。
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