TIME, May 16, 2011, 26.6 x 20 cm.

Spreading across pages 48 and 49 of the magazine, the photographs were taken at the permanent exhibition “Road of Rejuvenation” presented by the National Museum of China in Beijing. In the top left image, this man in the background looks at the showcase. He got free ticket for the exhibition from his work unit. With his arms crossed in front of his chest, he stares skeptically at the exhibit about the Wuchang Uprising, an incident catalysing the Xinhai Revolution, which ended the Qing Dynasty. Sentence after sentence, he reads the text description with great focus.


《時代週刊》,2011 516 日,26.6 x 20 厘米。

橫跨雜誌第 48 49 頁之間的照片,攝於北京 中國國家博物館的常設展「復興之路」。左上圖 在背景右方的男子正在參觀展場中有關「武昌起 義」的部份,是次起義催生了辛亥革命,最終推 翻了清朝的統治。他是從工作的單位得到了入場 票的。他抱着雙臂而立於藏品展櫃前,以懷疑的 眼光,一行一行細讀有關藏品和這事件的說明文 字。
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