Father and Daughter. Gelatin silver print, 1967, 7.7 x 7.7 cm,

Ms. Takagi, in this photo taken by her mother is three years old and is standing with her father at Gokoku Shrine in Nagoya. It was the Shichi-Go-San (the annual Seven-Five-Three Festival) where her family celebrated her growth along with that of other children also aged three, five or seven years old. The woman behind them had come however for a different reason. This week Prime Minister Sato had met with President Johnson from the USA to discuss reverting control of Okinawa from the USA back to Japan. Unfortunately the discussions had been unsuccessful. Her husband, a journalist, is standing a few steps away, and was leaving for Okinawa the next day. He was going to cover the anger of the people in Okinawa at the decision. She had asked him to come here to pray as she was very worried about his upcoming assignment.


「父と娘」、ゼラチン・シルバー・プリント、1967年、7.7 x 7.7 cm、高木麻里蔵。


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