Friends at Bihoro, Hokkaido. Gelatin silver print, c.1957, 5.6 x 8.3 cm, Tohru Funabashi Collection.

Mr. Funabashi, first from the right, poses with his friends at Bihoro Pass during their summer holiday in the Ainu area. They came here especially for its famous, beautiful view. The young man at the right behind them however came for a different reason. He was a big fan of actress Keiko Kishi who had become famous for the movie series Your Name. He had seen all three parts of the series but was heartbroken when he learnt she was dating a French film director. He had decided to visit the locations where the films were shot to look for traces of his goddess.


「北海道の美幌で友達と」、ゼラチン・シルバー・プリント、1957年頃、5.6 x 8.3 cm、舟橋亨蔵。


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