Dancing at Sanyoso, Shizuoka. Gelatin silver print, 1950s, 5.7 x 5.8 cm, Fujita Cosmetics Collection.

This photo was taken during a large function for their merchandisers hosted by the cosmetics manufacturer Kose at the Sanyoso Hot Spring Resort. Many cosmetics dealers from Nagoya gathered and Mr. Mitsutaka Fujita also took part. In this photo people are enjoying themselves during a traditional dance. The young man on the left moves perfectly with the rhythm. He came from a large family in Gifu but many of his relatives lived in Nagoya. He went to high school in Nagoya and his parents had expected him to study engineering. However his true passion was acting, and he had been active in the school drama club where he had rst learnt how to do makeup. As he was not interested in going to university, working in his uncle’s cosmetics company had become the natural career choice for him.


「静岡の三養荘で踊る」、ゼラチン・シルバー・ プリント、1950年代、5.7 x 5.8 cm、藤田化粧品蔵

小さな石沢さんは両親と弟とともに長野県の善光寺を 訪れた。写真は、本堂の外の石燈籠の前で兄弟を撮影 したものだ。背後には、全身真っ白の赤ん坊が、ふらふ らしながら父親に向かって歩いていた(石沢さんの後 ろに完全に隠れているが)。彼らもまた観光客だった。 赤ん坊はちょうど1歳の誕生日を迎えたばかりで、ここ 数ヶ月は父親と「ルパン三世」の漫画を見ていた。彼は 主人公を見て毎回微笑んだ。その時、彼の父親はルパ ンの漫画を持って彼をくすぐり、この写真の枠外にいる 彼の母親はカメラの準備をしていた。

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