The Floating Population of Hong Kong, N825, published by National Co., circa 1980, 10 x 14.8 cm.

Photographed in a summer day in the 1960s in Aldrich Bay, it shows families who live on the boat in Hong Kong. The young mother in the foreground is catching her balance on her way to town with her son. She is not from a fisherman's family and to adapt her life on the boat with her in-law family is never an easy task. At this moment, she would not imagine the opportunity for her to leave the boat forever was a huge fire burning down the homes of 3000 people during Chinese New Year in 1976.


《香港の水上民》,N825National 公司出版,約 1980 年,10 x 14.8 厘米 。

本圖攝於 1960 年代夏日的愛秩序灣,可見居於艇上的家庭。前面的年輕母親要帶兒子到城裡去,出門還得站穩腳步。她本不是水上人,嫁到艇上生活絶 非易事,這一刻她難以想像能遷上岸去的機會,居然是在 1976 年大年初二的一場大火,令三千人無家可歸。
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