Hong Kong Street Scene, gelatin silver print postcard, circa 1920, 8.8 x 13.8 cm.

Photographed at a rickshaw park, a street scene of Hong Kong in the 1920s, possibly in the areas of Central and Sheung Wan where many major piers were built on the waterfront. Just off the signpost of the park, a rather skinny sailor appears prominently in the foreground. With his rattan hat and crop pants not so typical as the uniform of western sailors at the time, he could be a local Chinese sailor working on one of many cross-harbour ferries. Or, he could be Chinese or Southeast Asian hired for western ocean liners or riverboats cruising in the Pearl River Delta. For his boat now anchored in the Victoria Harbour, he can be free from work even at mid- day.


《香港街景》,照片明信片,約 1920 年,8.8 x 13.8 厘米。

1920 年代香港街景,攝於一人力車停車場側,很可能位於主要碼頭集中的中上環一帶。圖片左方可見停車場的標示,旁邊有一名身材瘦小的水手路過, 成了照片的焦點。當時西洋水手少見以籐帽和吊腳長褲作為制服,他可能是本地眾多渡海小輪的水手。不過,他更可能是服役於遠洋輪或內河船的華人或 東南亞船員 ;正因為船泊在維港,他在中午時也可休息。
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