Wolf Suschitzky: Charing Cross Road In The Thirties, booklet, published by Dirk Nishen, London, 1989, 24.5 x 16.5 cm.

On page 16 we see this image by Austrian-born British photographer Wolf Suschitzky in the 1930s. In the image, our view of the road mender is blocked by two men as they were standing in front of him. The gentleman on the right standing with his legs crossed easily captures our attention. His relaxed manner suggests that he is a regular here. Decently dressed in a suit with his hair waxed, he might be an underworld character doing his occasional morning patrol with his partner in the Soho area, or just heading out after a long-night work. He is just amazed by the wooden block used for paving—something that has never crossed his path.


《Wolf Suschitzky :30 年代的查令十字 街》,小冊子,倫敦 :Dirk Nishen 出版, 1989 年,24.5 x 16.5 厘米。

16 頁可見奧地利出生的英國攝影師 Wolf Suschitzky 所拍到倫敦 1930 年代的修路工人, 有趣地被兩名途人遮擋著。我們的眼光很快投射 到右方的男士的交叉腿上,他的鬆容示意他是這 裡的常客。他衣著光鮮、頭髮貼服亮麗,可會是 蘇豪區的黑道中人,偶爾選在早上和同事來巡視 他的業務,或者剛完成長夜的工作正要回家去。 此時他卻被這些用來鋪路的木塊吸引著—這是他 工作從不會遇到的事。
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