Rickshaw, 1964 by Yau Leung, postcard, published by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2001, 11 x 15.5 cm.

Hong Kong photographer Yau Leung has documented different facets of the city extensively in the 1960s and 1970s. This picture shows during the visit of USS Constellation in the summer of 1964 that two American navy men enjoying the sightseeing. On the right is a 3rd Class Petty Officer taking a photo—with flowers in his hand—probably having been warmly welcomed by bargirls in Wan Chai.


《邱良 :拉車,1964 年》,明信片,香港文化博物館出版,2001年,11 x 15.5 厘米。

香港攝影師邱良在 1960 70 年代記錄了許多香港的不同面貌。該圖可見 1964 年夏天美國「星座號」航空母艦訪港期間,兩名海軍觀光留影,右邊的一 位是三等士官正在拍照,但手上仍然掛著花朶,也許剛下船就受到灣仔的吧女熱情歡迎。
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