Visiting Tokuyama Zoo. C-print, C.1982, 8 x 12 cm, Daisuke Tao Collection.

Tokuyama Zoo is a tourist attraction in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Mr. Daisuke’s father took him to visit with his sister and their cousin on his day off. The man wearing a grey jacket in the back is a postman from Shunan City. His daughter, who is in elementary school, loves the Malay Bear in the zoo and wants to become a zookeeper. They had also come for the female Jaguar named Jammy that had recently arrived from Fukuoka Zoo. What he couldn’t know was that many years later his daughter would have the opportunity to “interview” the now very popular Malay Bear, Tsuyoshi, when she worked for a television station. The bear had become famous for holding its head like some people do when they are in deep trouble.


「徳山動物園へ」 、 C プリント、1982年頃、8 x 12 cm、田尾大介蔵


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