Mother and Son In Front of the Asahi Photo Studio. Gelatin silver print, 1970, 7.8 x 11.2 cm, Yoshinori Iwai Collection.

The Asahi Photo Studio has been in business for several generations and had moved to the Endoji Shopping Street in the postwar years. In the photo is Mr. Iwai’s mother and his elder brother who is in the stroller. At the time Endoji was a family neighbourhood. The lady on the right is a housewife from the adjacent Habashita neighborhood and had collected her son from the nearby elementary school which the children of the Nodasen shoe store in Endoji also attended. Today the teacher had read along with the students Hatoju Muku’s Wild Dogs of an Island. As a dog lover, he was frustrated to learn about the fear of dogs that the islanders had.


「アサヒ写真館前の母と息子」、ゼラチン・シルバー・プリント、1970年、7.8 x 11.2 cm、 岩井良憲蔵


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