Asia's World City
mixed-media, 12 vinyl banners in public space, 290 x 68 cm each, 2008
In February 2008, over 70 people responded by email to my call for making wishes for the "Asia’s World City", branding of Hong Kong made by the government since 2003. A wish list was compiled, in which twelve were chosen as "unaccomplished" wishes to appear on the Asia’s World City banners along Hollywood Road in Central. Make your wish and comment at
A documentation and extension of the project was exhibited in the Goethe Institute Hongkong and ifa galleries in Stuttgart and Berlin in 2009.
banner 1

No. 212, the shop for funeral accessories

banner 2

No. 196, Wing Fung Gallery

banner 3
No. 186D, Tai On Antique Shop
banner 4
No. 122A, TWGH's primary school, next to Man Mo Temple

banner 5
No. 103 (Shin Hing St.), Amelia Johnson, section in front of the frosted glass
banner 6
No. 85, Oi Ling Antiques
banner 7
No.75, Arts of China
banner 8
No. 58, Arch Angel Art, next to Peel St.
banner 9
No. 48, G.O.D.
banner 10
No. 32, Kinwick Centre
banner 11
No. 20, opposite to Schoeni
banner 12
Btw no. 27 & 25, underneath the walk bridge, facing Old Bailey St.
Installation views of banners in Stuttgart
Installation views of banners in Berlin
Installation views in OCAT Shenzhen

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