Home and Nonhome

A site-specific project in Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong, 2020

In the project Home and Nonhome, Leung Chi Wo examines the immaterial and vacillating notion of “home” and proposes reflection on and counter- schema to the inertia material structure of residency. Set in a non-home sphere, namely hotel rooms and lobby, Home and Nonhome suggests the notion of home is essentially emotional repercussions. It also ignites rhetorical mediations on recent turbulence of Hong Kong: what if “home” becomes “non-home” and what if “non-home” calms the shattering souls?

Introduction by Vennes Lau

Part I: Hotel lobby

In the hotel lobby, Leung re-creates his previous work Monuments for Solitude, which was presented at Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018 into the second version. The old telephone booth signifies a bygone way of communication between home and sojourner.

Part II: Hotel rooms

Leung situates Open Home (Hong Kong) (2007) and a new set of installation in two hotel rooms; the two-nonhome-hotel-room setting, insofar as ruminations of the two generations, renders oscillation between different views on the idea of intimate attachment at home. 

Room 1

Open Room (Hong Kong)(2007), a set of sound installation, is situated in Room 1. 30 monologues, all recorded in Hong Kong, of different people talking about their home will be scattered around the room. These stories of individuals constitute certain collectiveness (and diversities) of the city that we all live in. 

Room 2

Room 2 consists of “fragments” the artist created out of his conversation with several teenagers on the idea of home and its extended meaning.