Water Memory

Inkjet print on vinyl, mounted on aluminium panel, approx. 1,200 elements, dimensions variable, 2022

Commissioned by the MTRC and first conceived in 2015 as a permanent installation for the new Exhibition Centre Station, "Water Memory" addresses to the architecture and its spatial and historical relations to the harbour. Reclamation has reshaped Hong Kong’s coastline since the 19th century. Among all MTR stations, Exhibition Station is closest to the waterfront. Where we stand today was underwater in the past.

“Water memory,” was inspired by a controversial theory put forth by French scientist Jacques Benvenistes, is the purported ability of water to retain a memory of previously dissolved substances, even after repeated dilution. On an expansive wall facing the direction of the sea at Exhibition Station, Water Memory is composed of around 1,200 unique photographs, all capturing the seascape right in front of the station at different moments. As if submerging the floors in variations of waves, hues and reflections, this conceptual time capsule remembers countless split seconds amidst changes in time.