Victoria Tunnel
light box, perspex covered and wood-framed, found post-war image, 2-way pinhole camera, translucent glass, bronze plaque, 1998
Victoria Tunnel is a project of a conceptual tunnel addressing the naming of Victoria in a historical and poetic context in 1998. Several elements with separate titles were produced to constitute the overall installation.
Installation views

Victory Over Victoria, light box, perspex covered and wood-framed. A found postwar image of Victoria Harbour taken in November, 1945 from the Land Department was enlarged as Duratran. The text "VICTORY" was sandblasted on the transparent perspex cover. The translucent text is only visible when viewed at 45 degrees.

Historical Juxtaposition is a 2-way pinhole camera that it can take images from both side. A piece of translucent glass was set in the middle inside to receive the images such that both superimpose each other.

Audience are asked to step on this plaque. The 2-way pinhole camera will bring the image of the audience and the bird's eye view of Victoria Harbour together.