There From Here
Window & wall installation; set of 36 ink-jet vinyl stickers, approx. 115x115cm each; vinyl typeset and emulson-painted on plywood panelled wall (1095x500cm) with 40 digital video monitors

installation view

Commissioned by the Home Affairs Bureau, There From Here is a site-specific project for the entrance lobby of the Cheung Sha Wan Government Building, dealing with the perception of Sham Shui Po, one of the most mixed and vibrant areas in Hong Kong and exploring the multi-layered interpretation of links between place and one's memory. Assisted by 5 university students, it involved social networking from local school contacts to interviews via facebook. The final display is a wall installation with text selected from myriads of contributions from people about Sham Shui Po. Between these words, 40 videos in extremely slow motion of close-up scenes of locations mentioned in the text. In the opposite side, there is a window installation of computer-aided drawings in translucent vinyl stickers of photographic representation of objects provided by these contributors who found them representative or related to themselves.

Link to blog that contains all texts contributed or found about Sham Shui Po. About one-fifth are selected and compiled as the wall text.

Links to the artist statement and reflections from the project.

installation view

installation view

wall close-up

window close-up

window design
Window layout design - click to enlarge.