14-channel sound installation; speakers in tableware, dimension variable, 2006

The artist interviewed the people he visited before he took photos of their space for photo series Domestica Invisibile. They talked about their home at the moment, their history of moving there and their future. Using a simple framework of questions some interviewees provided simple answers about their living space; is it ideal or practical? And some elaborated on their ideas of home; could it be physical or spiritual? The result is that there are 14 short stories of home in Plymouth by British, Chinese, French and Kurdish, etc. 

Diverse tablewares of both ceramic and plastic, found in "$10 shop" in Hong Kong undermining their down-to-earth domestic value, are used to carry speakers for both acoustic and aesthetic purposes.

Download sample soundtrack track1.mp3(1.7MB) track2.mp3(876KB)

Plymouth is co-commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre and Asian Arts Space Project