Open Home

Open Home 21-channel sound installation in an ordinary apartment, in collaboration with Shino Hisano, dimension variable, 2005

In October and November 2005, the artist made visits to 21 households in Sapporo of Japan and listened to the stories about their living spaces. They were recorded as monologues and were played separately with small speakers all round inside the apartment. Upon entering the apartment at street level, it was a room of multiple whisperings until the audience moved toward each speaker to listen to each story. The idea of home is expressed with reference to the diverse background of each individual, in spite of probably a collective value of living situation in Sapporo.

“…. I’m satisfied now but if I could move to a new place, I would have more space as I can also use it as studio. There should be also elevators as it’ll be easier to move things in and out…."

"I saw about 10 different flats, some of very low ceiling, some very cold and some in a bad neighbourhood. But in this one I feel very warm…. ”

“…. I’m adapting myself to this space…. Let’s see how I’d be satisfied with it….”

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