One day too early...

Inkjet print mounted on cardboard, ink, fountain pen, motor, black & white negative, vintage vinyl record, gramophone & speakers, feather  handwritten text in ink on paper, dimensions variable, 2021

One day too early is a little detour of Leung Chi Wos ongoing project The Date Series for which he visited sites of violence exactly on the same day 50 years ago, where he found few physical traces but conceptual connections to the protagonist, the action, and the location. 

On November 11, 2020, he came to a buzzing street in Hong Kong where he thought a journalist was seriously injured by a gang on that day in 1970. He only found out later he actually mistook the date and came one day before he should. Realizing this error, he chose to embark for some undestinated strolls for reminiscence that might cross the life path of this wounded journalist whom the artist has never met.