Souvenir Book of Asia-Africa-Latin America Table Tennis Invitational Competition, published by People’s Pictorial, Beijing, 1973, 36.5 x 25 cm.

Photographed on August 31, 1973, image 3 on page 7 (in the middle of right page) shows a post-match visit to the Forbidden City, Beijing by the Japanese Delegation led by Hisao Kido. The young man in his early thirties on the left front is looking back, waiting for his sightseeing group. He should be the guide as he carries a camera. But dressed in a business suit with a briefcase in the earlier 1970s, he may be Japanese too, more likely an attaché from the Embassy of Japan. Receiving visitors from Japan would be part of his job and he must have learnt to enjoy himself as well.


《亞非拉乒乓球友好邀請賽》,北京《人民畫 報》贈刊,1973 年,36.5 x 25 厘米。

7 頁 圖 3 ( 右 頁 中 間 ), 攝 於 1973 831 日北京中山公園,由城戶尚夫率領的日本乒 乓球代表團於賽後遊覽名勝。左前方的男士年約 三十,往後望似在等待他的團員,也可能有什麼 話跟他們說。他手提照相機,應該是導遊,而從 他的服飾來看,在七十年代初穿上一身西裝,他 也可能是日本人,甚至是日本大使館的人員。招 待日本來賓可會是他經常的工作,他一定懂得娛 人娛己。
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