Local Brand (Wiki Version) Series

Arcylic colour on canvas, Dimension variable, from 51 x 25 cm to 76 to 38 cm, 2006 - 2007

Local Brand (Wiki Version) is a painting series based on the names of popular figures or global brands in “minor” languages found in the internet site Wikipedia, beyond the perception of Chinese and/or English speaking people, for example, Ikea in Arabic, Spider-man in Dhivehi (dialect in Maldives) or Microsoft in Hindi. It demonstrates the rarely conceived “local” need of these global names despite the questionable information from the popular website. Languages written mainly in Latin alphabets are not chosen as they are too pronounceable . Korean and Japanese scripts are just too popular in Hong Kong. It challenges the idea of globalization in the bankruptcy of the East-Meet-West cliché and the fall of Anglo-Chinese pride in the Post-Handover years of Hong Kong. Painting is a conventional medium of seduction that decays the meaning of writing.

My elaboration about this new painting series can be read here in Chinese & English (pdf file).

Installation view

Beckham in Bengali BlackBerry in Yiddish
Celine Dion in Armenian
China in Cherokee
Disney in Thai
eBay in Arabic
Ecstasy in Urdu
Elvis Presley in Hindi
Ford in Bulgarian
Google in Malayalam
Guns N’ Roses in Dhivehi
Hollywood in Marathi
Hong Kong in Tibetan
IKEA in Arabic
James Bond in Sinhalese
Madonna in Georgian
Mariah Carey in Armenian
Microsoft in Hindi
MoMA in Hebrew
NBA in Malayalam
Nokia in Georgian
Santa Claus in Kannada
Sex and the City in Arabic
Sony in Bengali
Spider-Man in Dhivehi
Star Trek in Serbian
Toshiba in Bengali
Valentine’s Day in Cree
Virgin Atlantic in Gujarati
Wal-Mart in Tamil
Windows in Dhivehi
Yahoo! in Amharic
YouTube in Hindi