Extremely Recalcitrant

Archival inkjet prints, engraving on plexiglass, wooden frame, set of 2, 2016 - 2018


The words "Extremely Recalcitrant" came from a comment by magistrate Enoch Light, describing the 14 Belilios schoolgirls who were charged for obstructing police officers or trespassing on school property during the 1967 riots in Hong Kong. The girls had been excluded from the court for being "unruly and disrespectful" (as reported in the South China Morning Post, Nov 18, 1967).

In the seminal book On Photography [1977], Susan Sontag also sees reality as "recalcitrant". She writes, "Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality, understood as recalcitrant, inacessible; of making it stand still."

Extremely Recalcitrant (2016)

Extremely Recalcitrant II (2018)

Extremely Recalcitrant III (2018)

Extremely Recalcitrant IV (2018)


Extremely Recalcitrant V (2018)