Dream of a Path
Photos, steel frame, wood engraving, electric cable, light bulbs, dimensions variable, 1996

The first installation made at Para/Site in a derelict storefront space in a small ladder
street, it refers to a fictional past of the site, superimposed with the poetic association
with photography, a medium that the artist sees its link with history. Two dark boxes allude
to the camera and on their front are the images of the space outside Para/Site. Words
signifying the double meaning of photography and a local eatery—the function of the store
space that the artist once imagined when he first visited it. With the light bulbs lined out
from the boxes, it was the artist’s curiosity to envisage the activity inside the box of the
electric current that fuelled the light.

There was also an enlarged noodle shop menu directly engraved on the concrete floor
between these two boxes and was destroyed when the exhibition ended.