Domestic Amnesia
4 found partition panels, wood, iron, b/w photos, 197 x 62.5 x 62.5cm (min.), 197 x 429.5 x 429.5cm (max.), 1997

I found these old partition panels that were once so common in Hong Kong. I cut out some numbers on their surface that I found in the table of Chines codes for telegraph. They are 2039 (cham:regret), 0586 (juet:die), 5007 (ba: cease) and 0553 (fa: dissolve); one on each panel. On the plexi-glass, there are other 4 numbers abrades: 2639 (tung: east), 0589 (nam: south), 6007 (sai: west) and 0554 (bak: north) respectively. And the words EAST, SOUTH, WEST and NORTH were engraved on the back of the frames correspondingly. Depending on the reflection, the number on the plexi-glass is not always visble.

There are two photos framed at the top and the bottom of the iron framework. I took these pictures at home with the same iron framework which set the position of the pinhole camera. As it was not so bright, it took me one month to expose the top one.

With the hinges, I can adjust the size of the sculpture by altering the angles between the door and the iron framework, according to the shape and size of the exhibition space.