Cast the shadow of who cast the shadow
Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong
Rubber & concrete foundation, site-specific installation,
Musashi Nitta Children's Park, Ota, Tokyo, 2010


installation view

Commissioned for the Tamagawa Art Line Project curated by Toshio Shimzu, this is one of two proposals by the artists and both were realized. As a community-driven project in the Ota area, we considered to propose something related to the interest of people there.

Cast the shadow of who cast the shadow is a subtle homage to the small-sized manufacturers in Ota who contributed greatly to the Japanese postwar industry. Playing with the indexical nature of photography and the paradox of unidentitfied identity, this project requested the technician who produced the work to cast his own silhouette as the shadow of the lamp pole which has stood quietly in the park right next to the train station over the years.


The technician