Electric boiler, book, crystal, coin, postcard, stuffed toy, steel frame, 38.5 x 64 x 56 cm, 2023
In 1944, Charles Hurl fought for the Allies in Europe in WWII.
In 1949, the Communists drove the Nationalists (Kuomintang) out of Mainland China.
In 1958, former WWII RAF marshal and global strategy expert John Slessor first advocated taking Berlin as an example and turning Hong Kong under international control, which was intentionally downplayed by the UK Colonial Office staff.
In 1961, What Price Coexistence? by John Slessor was published. Strategies for Hong Kong and Berlin were covered. The Berlin Wall was erected in the same year.
In 1962, US lawyer James Donovan stayed in Hotel Berlin Hilton before going to the Russian Embassy in East Berlin for the negotiation for the exchange of an American pilot and a Russian spy.
In 1965, a Hilton Hotel postcard was sent to Charles Hurl from Berlin.

In 1967, Hong Kong Riots broke out. A bomb exploded in a lift in the Hong Kong Hilton. Berlin, the Hong Kong brand for water heaters, began production in the same year.

Photo: Blindspot Gallery & South Ho