Untitled (Blue Water 2014)

Archival inkjet prints, set of 4, each 48 x 32 cm, 2017

Inspired by the controversial idea that in biochemistry, water molecules could somehow retain memories of antibodies which however were no longer present (Benveniste, 1998), Leung projects this creative idea into a poetic notion. If water could remember the substance ever encountered but no longer in existence, it would actually function as a time capture even though we would not be able to tell from its appearance. From this light, it could echo with the noeme of photography which bears time into its own essence. An extensive collection of images of the water surface of Victoria Harbour was made in different hours, on different days, in different seasons in 2014-15. This reserve of images allows a series of selected photographic works of waterscapes which seem abstract but each does contain a different moment, that is also a different memory.