She was lost yesterday and we found her today

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong
Print on vinyl sticker, site-specific installation,
Yaguchi-no-watashi Station, Ota, Tokyo, 2010


installation view

Commissioned for the Tamagawa Art Line Project curated by Toshio Shimzu, this is one of two proposals by the artists and both were realized. As a community-driven project in the Ota area, we considered to propose something related to the interest of people there.

During our research trip in Ota, we found a recent publication of photos of Ota in the 1950s. Although the city and the architecture have changed a lot, a few of images around the train station were still recognizable. We picked one which was taken right outside the station 50 some years ago.  The woman who looked back in the foreground captured our attention immediately. Contemplating this void of identity, we decided to stage ourselves (in this case Sara Wong) to link up the site and the photographic representation with the time and the unidentified person, in the hope that our own being could fill up this void left by the history.



Shopping street in Yaguchi-no-watashi, 1950s.


Shopping street in Yaguchi-no-watashi, 2009.