Hot Wheels

Archival inkjet prints in wooden frames, embroidery on fabric, 100 x 93 x 25 cm, 2018

Hot Wheels is a series of photographic installation, with embroidered fabrics draped bewteen the two part portraits of the eponymous automobiles. These are vintage toy cars from the original 1967 Hot Wheels series by Mattel, manufactured in Hong Kong. The fabric's pattern comes from garments commonly worn by working class women in the 1960s in Hong Kong, while embroidered on it is the advertisement of the luxury vehicle, "Humber Imperial". It was printed next to the newspaper banner in the front page of South China Morning Post on 25 August 1967.


Blue Camaro (2018)


Blue Firebird (2018)

Gold T Bird (2018)


Purple Fleetside (2018)

Red Mustang (2018)


Blue Volkswagen (2018)