Goin' Out Of My Mind

Vinyl Record, Goin' Out of My Mind by Peter Nelson (1969), 1967 Hot Wheels tin toy car, 1967 Hong Kong fifty-cent coin, motor, steel base, 36.7 x 63.5 x 10.5 cm, 2018

In the kinetic sculpture Goin' Out of My Mind, the vintage vinyl record spins forward and backward when it is triggered by turns of a toy Volkswagen car or a 1967 Hong Kong Fifty-cent coin. The artist materialises a cyclical and non-linear notion of time, anchored in a fixed space. Past and present events are analogies that coexist in parallel planes where time is elastic; happenings sometimes coincide and crisscross, and sometimes run away.

Australian band The In People first came to Hong Kong in 1967 as a resident band at the basement club of the Hilton Hotel. Peter Nelson joined The In People in Hong Kong later, and released his first solo EP Goin' Out Of My Mind. Side 2 of the record plays the song Goin' Out Of My Mind, a cover from an original song by Australian group Easybeats. Side 1 of the album plays Skye Boat Song, a Scottish folk song written in the late 19th Century on a historial rebellion of the Scots.