My Brother’s Birthday, June 12, 1972
1972年6月12日, 我的哥哥生日

Archival inkjet print, 52 x 82 cm, 2022

Photographed in black and white film on June 12, 2022, on Wan Tau Street, Tai Po.

Mr. Tsim Cheung-lai and Ms. Chan Mei-ying lived in the wooden house at No. 4 Wang Tau Street, Tai Po with their eight children. At around 2 am on June 12, 1972, Chen Mei-ying and her six-year-old son, Tsim Hoi-man, were poured kerosene and set fire while they were asleep. Their 21-year-old son, Tsim Hoi-ki, was sleeping on the upper bed. He was awakened by his mother's screams, and immediately got out of bed to help. But he was torched too. The mother and younger brother escaped the house with the fire on their bodies. Fortunately, the neighbors helped put it out, but the elder son fell in the burning room. In the end, the neighbors also put out the fire in the house and called the police to send the three injured to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, Hoi-ki died in the end. A few hours before the murder, Tsim Cheung-lai argued with his wife, which was suspected to be related to the case.


詹長勵和陳美英夫婦與八名子女居住大埔橫頭街 4號木屋。1972年6月12日約凌晨二時,陳美英和六歲兒子詹海文在熟睡中被人潑火水點火謀害,其21歲兒子詹海琦睡在上格床,為母親慘叫驚醒,即時下床救助,但同被火燒着。母親和小弟身上着火逃出屋外,幸得街坊協助撲熄,大兒子卻在焚燒的房間內倒下。最後街坊亦合力將屋內的火撲熄,報警把三名傷者送人醫院救治,可惜大兒子最終身忙。兇案發生前幾小時詹長勵曾跟妻子發生口角,被懷疑與案件有關。