Friendly Football Match Between Brazil’s Santos and England’s Newcastle at the Hong Kong Stadium, June 4, 1972
1972年6月4日, 巴西山度士對英格蘭紐卡素足球友誼賽於香港大球場舉行

Archival inkjet print, 52 x 82 cm, 2022


Photographed in black and white film on June 6, 2022, at 15 Warren Street, Tai Hang.

At around 4 am on June 4, 1972, 35-year-old Chan Wai-lam and 45-year-old Li Yuk-fong were awakened by strange noises in their home in a tenement building at No. 15 Warren Street. When they left the bedroom to check, a robber had already entered the house and threatened them with a sharp knife. They resisted and got entangled with him. Ultimately, the thief fled in a panic, and the victims were injured in their hands only. Fortunately, no property was damaged.


1972年6月4日 凌晨 4時許,35歲的陳偉林和45歲的李玉芳在華倫街15號唐樓家中,在睡夢中被奇怪的聲音吵醒,行出睡房查察之際, 一名匪徒已入屋以利刀威嚇,男女戶主反抗,與他糾纏起來。最終賊人慌張逃去,事主僅手部受傷,幸好未有財物損失。