Hong Kong-Macau Interport Football Match, May 5, 1971

Archival inkjet print, 52 x 82 cm, 2021


Photographed in black and white film on May 5, 2021, at 25 Yuet Wah Street, Kwun Tong

At around 11 am on May 5, 1971, three men knocked on the door of Flat A, 13th Floor at 25 Yuet Wah Street, Kwun Tong claiming gift delivery. A servant in her fifties opened the door. After the three men entered the room, they immediately pulled out sharp knives, tied up the servant and the 30-year-old female house owner, and then ransacked the apartment. The thugs finally robbed $15,000 in cash, a diamond ring worth $8,000 and a watch worth $1,500. Afterwards, the master and servant broke loose and called the police for help.


1971年5月5日上午 11時許, 三名男子到觀塘月華街 25號13樓 A座 叩門,藉辭送禮獲年約五十之傭人開門。該三名男子進入室內後隨即拔出利刀打劫,將傭人和年約三十之女户主捆綁,然後在屋中大肆搜掠, 賊人最終劫去現金$15,000、價值$8000的鑽石戒指和$1500的手錶。事後主僕兩人掙脫鬆綁,報警求助。