Pop Folk Concert held in the Hong Kong Stadium, September 26, 1970
1970年9月26日, 香港青年音樂節於香港大球場舉行

Archival inkjet print, 52 x 82 cm, 2020


Photographed in black and white film on September 26, 2020, at 1F Shek Kip Mei Street in Sham Shui Po.

On the afternoon of September 26, 1970, Tsang Yu Chau and Mak Yiu Wing, both 18, and a 16-year-old girl named Ying went to the Wing Lee Herb Tea Shop on 1F Shek Kip Mei Street for a drink and a chat. At about 2:40, two men broke in with a chopper and a triangular file and attacked Tsang from behind. The assailant fled quickly after stabbing Tsang and Mak several times. The two injured struggled to run out of the store. The neighbour immediately called the police, and the two were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but Tsang died on the way. The incident is suspected to be related to a triangular relationship and gang fight between Tsang and others a few days ago.


1970年9月26日下午,同是18歲的曾宇宙和麥耀榮跟16歲的阿英到石硤尾街1F號的永利涼茶店暢飲聊天。約二時四十分,突然有兩名男子持牛肉刀和三角銼闖入,從後襲擊曾宇宙,麥耀榮見狀提醒不及,亦自身難保,阿英則及時躲避桌下保命。兇徒向曾和麥連斬多刀後迅速逃去,兩名傷者掙扎跑出店外, 麥即時在店前倒下,曾宇宙則倒於店旁的小巷。街坊隨即報警,二人被送院急救,但曾宇宙在途中不治。事件懷疑與曾宇宙數天前因為三角關係跟幫派衝突有關。