Celebration of Hung Shing Festivals, March 21, 1970

Archival inkjet print, 52 x 82 cm, 2020


Photographed in black and white film on March 21, 2020, at Lok Fu Recreation Ground.

Chan Choi-chuen and his neighbour Chan Yue-sze initially cooperated in running a porridge stall, but they split up for some argument. Choi-chuen started a new business with his uncle Chan Chiu-wan, opening a stall in the market between Blocks 18 and 19 of Lo Fu Ngam (Lok Fu Recreation Ground today). At 1 pm on March 21, 1970, when Chiu-wan's wife was worshipping God at the porridge stall, Yue Sze’s 17-year-old son Yuk-wah played ball nearby. The ball knocked over her altar, and he was immediately scolded. Choi-chuen was so angry and threw several punches at him, and then two guys started fighting each other. Yuk-wah lived on the 4th floor of Block 18. His father heard the sound downstairs and came down to save his son. He attempted to argue with Choi-chuen, but the latter went to pick up a saw and a hammer from a neighbouring stall. The father and his son tried to run away, but they saw knives in a fruit stand and immediately used them to fight back. Having seen his nephew in critical condition, Chiu Wan also joined the battle, but Choi-chuen was still lost and was stabbed three times. He was seriously injured and had to be sent to the hospital for treatment.


陳財全與街坊陳裕思原本合作經營粥檔,因意見不合拆夥,跟叔父陳潮雲另起爐灶、於老虎岩 18、19座之間(今樂富運動場所在)的市場開檔。1970年3月21日下午一時,陳潮雲妻子在粥檔拜神,陳裕思的17歲兒子煜華在附近玩球,皮球打翻了陳妻的祭台,即時遭到喝駡,陳財全一怒之下向煜華連揮數拳,雙方展開互打;煜華家住18座4樓,其父在樓上聞聲即下來救子並與之理論,陳財全卻在鄰近檔攤取用鋸和鎚作武器,裕思父子避走,途中經過生果檔見刀具,即拿來回頭反擊,打得不可開交。陳潮雲此時見姪兒情況危急,亦加入戰陣,但陳財全依然不敵,身中三刀,傷勢嚴重須送院救治。