Grand Parade on Nathan Road as the Closing Event for the Festival of Hong Kong, December 15, 1969

Archival ink prints, 52 x 82 cm, 2019


Photographed in black and white film on December 15, 2019 at 89 Hong Ning Road, Kwun Tong.  
On December 15, 1969 at 89 Hong Ning Road, a 12-year old girl was indecently assaulted by a burglar when she was at sleep on the makeshift bed in the fruit stall of her parents at the entrance of the building. The girl screamed for help and the offender ran away before the police came. Later she was sent to hospital.


1969年12月15日,在康寧道89號,一個設在大廈樓梯口的生果檔攤,晚上檔主關檔後圍板上鎖, 留下12歲女兒睡在中間。後來一名男子撬門意圖行竊並非禮女童,女童竭力呼喊,歹徒在警察到場前逃去。女童及後被送院留醫。